Commercial Cleaning

GREENleaf will create a clean, fresh, inviting environment where you can promote and conduct your business effectively.  The cleanliness of your office space is a direct reflection on the daily operations of your business.   When customers enter your space, they need to concentrate on efficiently utilizing your staff and services to best meet their business needs.

Ft. McMurray is a very busy city, and chances are, so are your employees.  By creating a clean, organized environment that is free from toxic scents, your employees and customers will be much more focused on the task at hand.

We have a loyal base of international, national and local commercial clients throughout the Municipality of Wood Buffalo, and take pride in our community.   Businesses in Ft. McMurray are constantly growing and taking on new responsibilities.  Our focus is on building relationships with our customers, so we can continue to tailor our services to their ever changing needs.  We value quality in our work and strive to partner with clients who appreciate this sentiment.  Our priority is firstly providing exceptional service to our current clients, and secondly on growing our business.

GREENleaf will provide all cleaning tools and products, and if required, can provide all paper products, bin liners and dispensers as well.

We are insured, bonded, and fully covered by WCB.  We take Safety and the Environment very seriously.