Residential Move-out Cleaning

When selling a home, there are numerous checklists to consider.  Most sellers will wait until their homes have sold before calling professional cleaners.  On the other hand, having professional cleaning services prior to listing can accelerate the sale of your home, especially if you have a busy household.  We lead busy lives, and don’t often think about the last time we washed the walls, or moved the appliances out.  Prospective buyers however, tend to scrutinize every detail when viewing a home.  A clean home shows pride of ownership which can go a long way during viewings.  We suggest you have your home cleaned before your MLS pictures.  It will be much easier to keep up with the daily cleaning for viewings after a thorough cleaning and your move-out clean will also be less intensive.  You are much more likely to recoup the cleaning costs if the house is in prime condition prior to negotiating pricing.

Below is a Move-out Checklist.  Property Managers usually provide a list for condos or apartments.  The list below applies to all types of homes, but please ensure you speak with your realtor or property manager to ensure the requirements are met.