Carpet & Upholstery Steam Cleaning

The Carpet and Rug Institute is a science based source for the facts on carpet and rugs.  Our Self Contained Carpet Extractors have the CRI seal of approval in low-moisture interim cleaning mode and deep cleaning restorative mode.  Our machines are high quality commercial/residential machines which have a dual cleaning mode technology for faster dry times.

Please see the following information from the CRI:

“Carpet acts like a trap, keeping dust and allergens out of the air we breathe.  Simply put, what falls to the carpet (dust, pet dander and many other particulates that we breathe in) tends to stay trapped in the carpet until it is removed through vacuuming or extraction cleaning.  Unlike smooth floor surfaces that allow dust and other allergens to re-circulate into the breathing zone, properly maintained carpet actually contributes to improved air quality.”

“Industry experts tested an assortment of carpet cleaning solutions, deep cleaning extractors and vacuums and found a wide variance in how well these products work, with some products even damaging the carpet. To be Seal of Approval certified, vacuums must pass strict soil removal, texture retention and dirt and dust containment standards. In addition to soil and texture retention standards, certified extractors must not leave excess water in the carpet.”